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Fairy Tales and Faith

Imaginations run through the woods and over brook. The breath of the wind races along beside us the grass tickling the bottom of our sprinting feet. The pulse of Mother Nature’s heart pounds in time with ours as we suckle the outdoors, nurtured by the awe and splendor of her curved and creviced body.

After reading a yarn every place I look seems to have creeping creatures. The bugs are fairies in disguise, the sounds of crickets a symphony of pleasure and the song of summer. The words in a book give life and new meaning to the events that course through the mundane day-to-day. In the darkest times I have felt comforted and uplifted by words. Stories hold a power over the reader that extends beyond time and space.

Eowyn admiring part of my fairy and fairy tales collection.

Eowyn admiring part of my fairy and fairy tales collection.

We read to know we are not alone.”        -C.S. Lewis.

If you would like to help a child to develop into a caring, well-rounded, and independent person, read to them and to themselves. In a book a person will wear the lenses of countless viewpoints, find characters that struggle as they do, hope in the darkness, and the ability to overcome when all is counted for loss. A book is a portal to other countries, cultures, and planets. Fairy tales are hope’s food for young and old.

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” -Albert Einstein 

Why fairy tales; not science, geography, and memoirs? There is nothing wrong with these and they should be put into practice as well. But, when they are young, when they are just beginning to peak at paper pages and are curious of the magic spells that lie in their grasp- it should be fairy tales. A fairy tale is a truth for the soul, not just mind. It rings true with every people group; we all have them, whether they be in the form of legends, myths, superstitions, or rhymes.

The purpose of such a tale is to stretch the possibilities of reality; to go beyond what we understand and see. To those landscapes of the mind plentiful with magic, unforeseen danger, but also endless wonder. Just as faith fuels our belief so fairy tales begin a child’s process of belief. Their capacity to believe in the unseen is astonishing- from the little funny gnomes who live in their walls (who are constantly taking their socks), to the monster lurking with a slobbery mouth under the bed or closet. A child’s heart longs to be a part of a world that is hidden within the one they live in. This seems to mirror the concept of a fairy tale that mirrors a spiritual truth. We all long for a world beyond our own.

Jesus used parables to connect with people. God inspired humans to write a holy book to connect Him to the entire world. People need stories! To inspire, relate, learn, build faith and put to place those complicated emotions. It is universal and entirely too important to skip out on.

“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God,” (Romans 10:17 NKJ)

In these ways- faith, imagination, belief-  make fairy tales instrumental in sharing Christianity. When you read the bible to your little ones, don’t read word for word, but as they were handed down, in the form of a story. Describe David, the young Sheppard, watching his fluffy flock of sheep when along came a humongous hungry bear. David knew his job was to protect his sheep, so bravely he put a stone in his trusty slingshot, swung it above his head, and released it- “WHAP” it hit the bear in the head. The bear lay still, never to hunger again…” The bible is called the living word, why not put a little life into it when you speak it to your kids?

Remember, fairy Tales teach us to dream. (Dream big mama for your family, wellness, finances, and spirituality.)

Happy Mothering!

Further Reading:

Indulge in this fantastically fantastic essay “On Fairy Stories” by J.R.R. Tolkien, creator of “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” a series that inspired my daughter’s name, Eowyn.

Check out “Fairy Tales” by George MacDonald to enjoy a break from the typical Grimm Fairy Tales


New King James Version of the Bible- verse located in Romans 10:17

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Being Fired: Keeping Things in Perspective

I have never been fired- until yesterday.

Recently, I picked up a job as an independent contractor performing dispatch. It was really great. Our friend ran most of the business, I got to stay at home answer the phone, and put in orders. Super easy and since I’m a stay at home mom, no need for daycare. The work was just to make some extra spending money $50-100 a week. Still, to a mom who is very spend-thrifty it seemed to have endless possibilities.

I was shocked when I received a call from my friend’s son, he is very sweet, informing me that his dad was thinking of firing me. His dad was not in the car and didn’t realize his worried son even called. I laughed and told him he was being very kind to think of me, but not to be concerned about it. I quickly went through a list in my head of reasons why I would be fired. Perhaps the company was too small to consistently pay me, or maybe I wasn’t doing a very good job? (I was only trained in 30 minutes.) Surprisingly, when I called my friend, he said, “Yes,” they were going to let me go. But, not for reasons I would have thought. Some clients had complained about the children in the background.

Eowyn, Baby Dee, and Me

After being fired I found myself disheartened, but also bemused by the reasoning. Children have always been a way of life for me. My mother owns 51% of the successful company my parents share together. My mother has five- now grown- children.  When we were younger she was taking a million calls from people and running the business. She did it at home-with five kids (sometimes 6.) I didn’t really think of children as an annoyance or hindrance, but a way of life. She made business and kids somehow work. (Of course she would get frustrated on occasion.)

This being said, I do not blame the business or my friend for letting me go. I honestly understand why they would need someone more professional and available to catch every single call perfectly.

It would appear my children were a drawback in this ares. I do think, however, that children should not be looked as a hindrance to your dreams- financially, spiritually, or physically. It would be easy for me to get upset with my children, not just in this matter, but in others as well. Many parents know what it is like to be denied something or for plans not to work the way we wish because of our kids. I have found myself occasionally thinking about being a journalist, whisking myself away to Europe, or owning a beautiful house and being a little disgruntled with my children. Which is ridiculous! All these dreams and more are still possible whether I have kids or not. In fact, the greatest thing I will ever accomplish in my life is them. If you have had to delay plans or change them because of your kids I encourage you to not grow in bitterness. Children are a blessing of God and when you feel that way, confess it! My children are a blessing to me. I can even say my kids have opened more doors for me than they could possibly ever close. Sometimes I just need the reminder.

Happy Mothering!

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Why I Don’t Call My Children’s Privates by Fake Names

I’ve laughed with other girls as we discussed the names we called our privates growing up: the tink, cookie jar, nucker, pee pee- the list goes on. Those areas of the body were shrouded with mystery when they were hesitantly discussed. My mother would answer questions and give us plenty of reading material. Still, I felt strange about these areas. If I had to discuss my own body I would have felt humiliated and very confused about how. Luckily, being a reader and being supplied with the correct books, I was able to identify that I had a urethra, vagina, and anus. Sadly, there are girls who become adults who are not aware what area does what: Do I urinate from my vagina? Where do I menstruate? Where do I have sex?

What God says about our bodies

The importance of calling privates by the proper name is instrumental to how a person will view their body and perhaps their own sexuality. It may sound silly, but not sillier than telling your child their arm is called a body noodle, or their face the expression platform. Calling things by their proper name isn’t just for the sake of being politically correct. It has much to do with knowledge being power. Knowledge gives a child confidence. For example- If they are lost they are taught to look for a woman with children, or a cop- you establish early that cops are mommy and daddy’s friends. This gives your child a safety net.

When your child’s arm hurts they are able to express that, “My arm is hurt.” This should be the same with their privates, “My penis hurts.” See how giving something the correct name gives them ownership? That is their penis. That is their vagina. (I typically call it the vulva since calling everything the vagina isn’t accurate either.) This ownership means they don’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed. Our gender is a huge part of our identity and not something to be embarrassed of. These parts aren’t “unspeakable.” They are a part of their body and as such if they are hurt or someone is making them uncomfortable, they are able to express that.

Telling your child about their body is a process. Many think, the talk is a one-time deal; it isn’t and shouldn’t be. As your child grows so should the discussions. The start should be the correct names for their body parts, or at least saying they are private. Eventually you tell them how their body is theirs; as such no one should be touching their privates. Also, if someone is making them uncomfortable they can talk to you no matter what!

I have known too many children, friends, and family members who have been hurt by predators to not take the safety of children seriously. I don’t teach my children out of fear, but as a preventive measure- not just against predators, but shame as well. I find it sad that too many people think talking about the body or sex to their children is vulgar. Someone is going to tell them and that information will most likely be incorrect and harmful. Most children have an idea of what sex is by the age of five whether you choose to talk or not. Take the initiative. Be the parent. How you discuss or don’t discuss something will dictate how a child will perceive that part of their life even as adults.

Happy Mothering!

The picture is from the store UnchainedBracelets on You can actually buy this print! Click on the Link below.

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Hesitate to Vaccinate?

In recent years the safety of vaccinations for young children has been repeatedly questioned. Can multiple shots, on such a young child- often a baby, create side effects perhaps worse than what is trying to be prevented?

Some parents do not vaccinate due to views on the health effects a vaccination may have on their child. There has been continuous suspicion of some vaccinations being linked to autism, and even SIDS, however, I cannot find reliable sources to agree or disagree with such statements. For a small group, vaccinations are against their religious views.

My four siblings and I weren’t vaccinated until we reached school, due to the urgings of a school nurse. My mother’s reason had primarily to do with faith and the counter argument from the nurse was, “Don’t you have to believe, in faith, for your children’s health whether they are vaccinated or not?” Which to me is a good point for that argument. I urge you, however,  to seek your own couscous on that matter. (You are free to refuse immunizations due to religious purposes, except in the states West Virginia and Mississippi.)

Personally, I fall into that first category. Does it negatively affect the health of my child? I have nothing against vaccinations in general, just an uneasiness on the timing in which we do them.

My daughter, Eowyn after her first set of shots.

Dr. Sears, almost the only Dr to speak on delaying immunizations, is not against vaccines but the lack of research that has been performed on infants for the side effects of the vaccines. Some of these vaccinations contain Mercury. A pregnant woman is advised to stay away from fish and other foods that may contain trace amounts of Mercury. Magically when the child is born, you can inject trace amounts of Mercury into the baby’s body, and it is considered safe?

In high amounts Mercury is a neurotoxin and can have adverse effects on our nervous system. What is a high amount for an infant? This study has not been performed and is the main reason I do not like the multiple vaccinations given so early to a child. (Not to mention the aluminum and animal tissue in some of the vaccinations as well!)

I must stress though that I am not an expert.

Every Child By Two, a group that believes strongly for early vaccinations states on their website, “Polio, for example, paralyzed millions of children worldwide before the vaccine was created. In the U.S. and the world, measles infects nearly 23 million people each year. In 2005, measles killed about 345,000 people (311,000 of which were children under the age of five).”*

A valid point, and though I may have my concerns on vaccinations and believe there could be massive improvements, I do not wish to do completely without them. With my first-born, Eowyn, I was so uneasy about the vaccinations that I waited until she was over 3 months to begin giving her vaccinations. I didn’t research the matter as much as I wished I had. For my son, I will be spreading them further part and asking my doctor for as many Mercury free options as possible. Starting with what I think to be very important, such as the preventative for the whooping cough. If you feel spacing out the vaccinations is what you should do, I would suggest Dr. Sears book, “The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child.” He has perhaps one of the most unbiased view points on the matter.

I truly believe it is up to parents to research the matter for themselves. Weigh the risks, do the research. You are the parent and ultimately no one- not a Doctor, Preacher, or Family member can care more for yourself and your baby than you!

Happy Mothering!

Link for Dr. Sear’s Book on Vaccines:



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Thoughts on the Pot

Are western babies behind the times? Back in the 1950s, 95% of US children were potty trained by 18 months, now it is a mere 4%. Recently I decided to potty train my 18-month daughter and find it interesting that by this older standard, she is actually late in training! It is even stranger that in the US we potty train by age 3, yet worldwide the average age is 2. Why is this? Are babies less capable than they used to be? I would say no. I believe there are a couple of reasons to the delay in toilet training.


  • Babies used cloth diapers. Statistically children who use cloth potty train faster than when using disposable. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but my theory is that the baby watches you dump the fecal matter into the toilet and makes the connection- waste goes in the potty. Not only that, but they can feel the wetness in cloth while in disposables the gel absorbs so they don’t notice. I would also say a mother is much more driven to potty train if she has to wash all those nasty diapers.
  • Pampers had a “qualified speaker” insist that training children should be up to the child when they are “ready.” To push them would hurt their psyche. Having this said by the people who profit most by the continuance of a non-potty trained child is suspicious at best.  The the campaigns of using disposable until a child is ready- pushed a whole society from potty training until the child is at least 2.
  • Mothers train a child to use the bathroom considerably more than the father. Most mothers also work out of the home cutting into the potty training time. This isn’t necessarily a negative it is simply a fact. This creates a void though since a mother is now expected to work and balance potty training. A day care is not usually the ones to train so a mother is left with few hours to establish training. It becomes easier to wait until the child can be quickly and easily trained.

All this being said, I really can’t say that children should be pushed earlier or later to potty train. We live in a very different era than the 1950s. However, I do believe it isn’t an issue of capability, but perhaps lack of time and resources to train a child. It is has been one week of potty training and I have been putting Eowyn on the toilet frequently. She mostly walks around naked or in underwear during the day. Yes, she does pee on the floor a fair amount, but she also notices the wetness and isn’t fond of it. She has successfully peed in the toilet at least once every day. This to me is a huge success and though it may take time, I look forward to the day that I will only be changing my son’s diapers.

Some Facts

The link below-interesting story of mother’s who potty train super early. Not saying whistling works-but wow these children can be trained really early.

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Introducing Big sister to Little Brother

IMAG0186_BURST010_COVERMy extended basketball belly was pushed out from my t-shirt as my daughter, Eowyn slapped her little hands on it as if hitting a drum. “That is your sibling,” I would tell her. To which she would pause and then go back to yelling and slapping the belly. Sometimes, it was like she knew there was a person in there. She’d put her head on my belly and talk quietly. In my mind I would imagine their relationship; would it be a sister, or brother? And, would they like one another?

She would be 16 months when he was born and still a baby. I needed her to be patient with the new baby. I wanted to teach her kindness-how to think and care for someone or something outside of herself. Her cute stuffed animal bunnies took part in my experiment. I would take one and pretend to nurse it, to which she would grab the bunny and throw it on the floor. After a time I would kiss it and say, “Eowyn kiss the baby!” and she would kiss it. And I would make it a big deal- praising her and telling her what a great job she was doing. Soon, she was bringing the bunny to me with a diaper. I’d put the diaper on the bunny and let her play the role of mama, patting the baby and kissing it.

When she did meet her brother, she was very indifferent.  She wasn’t even jealous; in fact Imageshe was just not impressed at all! I would try to make her imitate me kissing or hugging him and she would look down at him like he was the most disgusting thing in the world then go back to playing. Despite this, I was persistent in including her and eventually it clicked. While doing diaper changes she started handing the wipes to me, or bringing me a diaper.  Sometimes, she even tried to help wipe. It could get pretty messy, but I wanted to let her be the big sister.

Being the big sister doesn’t mean she has doesn’t get babied or put on the back burner. We have special mommy and Eowyn time every day where she is the center of my attention. I baby her and love on her to let her know she is very important to me. Interestingly, if we don’t have this alone time she is often difficult and whiny for the rest of the day.

It is easy to be scared of your older child hurting the new baby or getting short with them as your attention is being pulled in so many directions.  Despite these concerns try to be patient. I would encourage you to find a way to let your older child help. Too often one child or all the children can easily become the center of the family verses a part of the family. How can we make our children feel a part of the family? By giving them a purpose and a way to contribute. Be consistent in having them help you. Even at 16 months a toddler can pick up a little, help give you wipes and diapers, kiss and pat the baby, and so much more. It is never too early to teach kindness and helpfulness.

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Milk and Honey: The Promise Land of Breasts

As a new mom I remember being shocked at the new role my breasts had taken. No longer were my breasts just aesthetically pleasing or sexually appealing, they now nourished as well.  Its astounding that just as a woman has many roles in life-daughter, sister, wife, and mother; our breasts do as well!


Breastfeeding Eowyn

Breast milk has unreal benefits for children and mothers, not just as babies, but later in life too. Babies immune systems are better, less likely to be obese, higher intelligence, and for a mother she is less likely to develop breast cancer. (It also helps shed those baby pounds!) These are just a few of the wonderful workings that breastfeeding does.

I will not, however, pretend that it isn’t messy, time-consuming and sometimes down right frustrating. When I began breastfeeding my daughter, for the first couple months, I had to use a nipple shield to get her to latch. It could be disheartening to find, clean, and correctly place that silicone nipple over mine every time there was a feeding, especially at night! Despite this, she gained weight and looked healthy so I knew she was getting enough milk.

Currently, I have chosen to tandem nurse, meaning to nurse more than one child at a time. Not that I nurse my eighteen month old daughter and one month old son simultaneously, but I do nurse them both daily; my daughter 1-3 times a day and my son every 2-3 hours.

The hardest time for breastfeeding is often during a growth spurt. When your child seems constantly hungry. I remember my daughter clawing at my breast and nursing to the point that I would cry from my nipples becoming so sore. It can be a lot of work during this time, but don’t worry the frequent feedings will make your milk supply level out to what they need.

Here are a couple of things I did to increase my supply through a growth spurt:

  • Frequent feedings. In the start of breastfeeding, both my daughter and son, I noticed the more I nursed in a day the more milk I would have. (Sometimes resulting in a wet t-shirt if I didn’t get one of them quick enough.)
  • Skin to skin. Take your babies clothes off, and press him or her to your belly while you nurse. For me this would always do the trick, it helps that milk flow easily and naturally. Even hugging my husband or taking a relaxing bath can make my milk let down.
  • Offering both breasts. Nurse that baby until they unlatch then try the other breast as well. This goes with the first suggestion but often times it can be forgotten. With my first I had one breast I nursed the most with so it became noticeably larger! To balance it out I had to start switching the sides more at night.
  • Visualization. Our minds are the strongest tools we have. When you imagine your child and your milk coming down, it often will! When I was in labor I visualized the waves of the ocean breaking and swelling; this helped with the pain. The same goes for women who struggle to conceive; it is helpful to imagine your ovaries blossoming!
  • Speaking over your body. Tell it to produce milk. Look at your breast in a mirror of when breastfeeding and say, “You are bountifully full of milk. Overflowing with promise. Nurturing my child to satisfaction!” if you need a verse stand on, look at Genesis 49:25 this blessing is yours:

The God of your father—may he help you!
And may The Strong God—may he give you his blessings,
Blessings tumbling out of the skies,
blessings bursting up from the Earth—
blessings of breasts and womb.

Happy Mothering!

The verse is supplied from the Message Bible and biblegateway:

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My Pros and Cons of Cloth Diapering

I would like to start of by saying I hate laundry.

Doing laundry, to me, is a pain in the butt. My clothes and my children’s clothes go through a cycle; they are worn, and thrown into a pile. After pile is adequately stacked and there are no more clothes to be thrown into said pile, they are sniffed. If they pass the sniff test they are worn again until all clothes are able to fail the sniff test. Then they are eventually washed.

So when I decided to switch from regular disposable diapers to reusable diapers I researched reusable diapers until I was convinced it was what I needed to do, not necessarily wanted, but needed. I will not say it is for everyone, but I would say it is for most everyone; so here are my real pros and cons of cloth diapering.



  • They are stinking cute! I’m not super fashionable, but I have to say they look awesome. I love seeing my daughter run around the house in her adorable Charlie Banana diapers. They are fun, and colorful and sometimes that is all it takes to be worth it.
  • They don’t break the bank. The initial investment can be tough but the savings is unreal. If you start out cloth diapering you can save upwards to two thousand dollars, not only that but four thousand if you have another child and they can use their siblings hand me downs.
  • Environmentally friendly. You would be saving the land a lot of grief by using reusables, they are the ultimate on not making an impact on the earth while disposable diapers represent 50% of the waste in a single household! On a pack of disposable diapers it instructs you to throw out fecal products. Let’s be for real, when was the last time you took one of those throw away diapers and shook out the dooky? More then likely, like I would myself, it would get quickly wadded then thrown in the trashcan. With reusables you have to empty out the poop, so you can wash them.
  • No chemicals! Your baby’s skin is sensitive, and I know how that feels. My skin is very sensitive and using certain cleaning brands or even brand new clothes cause my hands and knees to itch. With this in mind remember children’s skin can be easily irritated. Often, I hear a mother discussing what is their favorite disposable diaper brand and which ones cause their child to break out. You can skip all that discomfort with a cloth diaper.


  • You have to wash them. This mean you need to have a place to store them before hand. I would suggest a cute laundry bag or even a bucket you can put under the sink. (I use the latter.) Washing them takes time and you do have to use a specific soap for cloth diapers (if you want to keep the warrantee valid.) Not only is it good for the warrantee, but it keeps them smelling nice and clean. I use Rockin’ Green Classic Rock Bare Naked Babies detergent and buy it from Amazon.  This means you need to have a supply on hand and never run out since you can’t just find the stuff at a Walmart.

This is the detergent. You can get it from or

  • Not dryer friendly. Or at least I wouldn’t suggest it. They tend to shrink the inserts and wear and tear on the diapers. We hang up ours in the bathroom on the shower rod and such for drying and it takes a day for them to dry. Not super fun.
  • The poop. Yes there is poop and you will have to dump it in the toilet, like you are supposed to anyhow, (As mentioned above) This really wasn’t as bad as I thought but it can be frustrating with the more challenging sticky type of fecal matter. A little advice, if you can roll the diaper or fold the sides to where the fecal matter can stick to itself and be easier to dump. I know poop can be gross but as a parent it is one of those things you have to think about, a lot.
  • When out and about having a poopy diaper! This isn’t actually a major issue if you are prepared. Empty it as usual in the toilet (if there is any poop.) They make very nice zip bags to put a dirty diaper in but if you are like me, keep some plastic bags from the store rolled up in your purse or diaper bag and just tie it up in that.

Well, that is my small list of pos and cons to help you decide on what type of diapering works for you. On the bright side if cloth diapering isn’t for you and you did purchase some they hold their retail value well and people are often looking to buy them. Also, some people find it more practical to do half in half. Have reusables for home and disposables for the babysitter and public outings.

I have enjoyed cloth diapering and will continue to do so. My main motivator for doing this is the ridiculous amount of money it saves. Plus my kid looks so cute. I will say with my youngest, he is 7 weeks, I haven’t switched from disposables yet since he has to be changed at least 15 diapers a day. As soon as my last box of pampers runs out, we buy the big ones if we buy them, I will be ordering him his own Charlie Banana diapers.

For more facts on diapering go here!

Here is link to the cloth diapers I use!

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Job title: Mom

I would like to address some wonderful questions and statements that mothers receive. Starting with this one:

Gosh, it must be nice to be a stay at home mom and do nothing.

Yep, us stay at home-uneducated mothers just love to sit on our fat bottoms and eat Oreos all day. Well, that does sound pretty good to me but that just isn’t the case. I’m more likely to be cleaning Oreo off the floor or scrubbing a child’s dirty face then actually getting to eat the Oreos. And if I am eating the Oreos I’m normally hiding in the closet during nap time stuffing them in as fast as I can before they wake up. Instead of imaging all these glorious creative projects I am imaging the day my first-born will be potty trained. I imagine not having to wash diapers every other day. I know my dreams don’t seem big, but they are mine. The truth is, being a stay at home mom is hard, and lonely. We live in a society that believes all problems are due to how our mother raised us- too clingy, too distant, not caring, too caring. It can be frightening holding your fresh newborn and thinking gosh, I can screw this all up. And this job of motherhood is hard enough without having people thinking it isn’t a job. Which brings us to our next question.

So, you just stay at home with your kids, don’t you have bigger ambitions?”

To those people I would like them to look at the world, look at the hardness and the times we live in. Do you really think what we need as a society is more parents who call their children inconveniences? Yes, I have dreams for myself. And yes, it is so hard to clean poop off diapers to save money, but not for one second do I look at my children and feel regret or disdain. They are the biggest accomplishment I will ever have. And finally, my favorite question:

Don’t you want to reach your full-potential?

I say sure, I could go back to school, which someday I may, and study and start a successful career. Honestly, being a mother, I don’t reach my full-potential. I have to go beyond my potential, capability, and understanding. From the moment they are conceived, through labor, delivery and every breath they take from that point I have to be responsible for their body, spirit and soul. And it is impossible, there is only so much as a human being you can do, your full potential is just not near enough. So, as a mother, you have to pray. You have to pray for them for their safety, for their hearts, for the times in life that the world will turn its back on them and make them feel small and insignificant. If you say that would never happen I ask, have you? Have you ever felt small, or insignificant, or scared? If the answer is yes, then realize only God can be and is the only help that can be offered. And though you are a mother, you are not God. So yes I may never reach my full potential, but I sure will go beyond those fences and into uncharted territory that is messy, hazy, and ultimately the most beautiful and fulfilling work that can be imagined. And to the moms who do work as well as wear the messy, sticky badge of mother I say kudos and you are a hero. All that matters is that as mothers we do our jobs-love our kids, teach them to be decent human beings, and pray like our kids lives depend on it, because they do.

Happy Mothering!

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