Hello fellow internet dwellers, I’m Sarah Davis and I want to be your friend. I have two kids and am a stay at home mom who often feels like a professional netflix watcher. It gets lonely so thought I’d shout out to all you lovely people reading words on the nets verses going out Friday. My family is a lot of fun. I’m married to my opposite. I love to socialize, read, and talk until my mouth is dry. I am the middle of five. My husband loves to be home, play video games, and is choosey about words spoken. He is the oldest of seven. We have one car that works most of the time, and live in a apartment with one bedroom and the living room which functions as a baby bedroom as well! I like to eat junk food but attempt to eat healthy. I’m into birth, babies (mostly my own lets be honest other kids puke is waaay more gross then your own,) cloth diapering and learning about everything. My daughter, Eowyn, yes it is from Lord of Rings, and my son Emanuel are under the age of 2 without even being twins! They keep things lively with dance parties, my little pony toys, and creating gross stories that we get to clean up and laugh at.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Valerie says:

    Hi, Sarah! Nice to meet you. Stay at home mom-ness sure does get lonely. I have loved connecting with others in this WordPress community, as I’m sure you have!
    I am hosting a blog party tomorrow (through the weekend), where you bring a link to one of your old posts and introduce it in the comments. I’d love for you to come! 😀 It’s a great way for bloggers to find each other, and MOST of my readers are mothers of young children. 😉

  2. I was a stay at home mom and though my kids are grown now I am still glad I did it and so are they! It’s hard on many levels but so rewarding I’m sure you know! God Bless your little family and thanks for following!

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