Bluum Box Review: Month 3 Smiley Baby

bluum box has arrived!!!

bluum box has arrived!!!

Bluum box themed “Month 3 Smiley Baby” has arrived with some wonderful surprises. This New York based company, bluum, is a team of moms and dads who want to find the top of the line products for our babies (and us!) It can be frustrating to know what is hot and what is not when it comes to the numerous products for moms and babies. This monthly review of the products bluum sends out will hopefully give you a little heads up. If you want to get your own special bluum box and receive some bonus points click -> and let whatsbreastforyou know about your review!

bluum box

bluum box

Products For Baby:

  • Baby Ecos- This lovely plant-based laundry detergent combines two of my favorite things: kindness to sensitive skin and to the earth! Already I use detergent free of scents, but this one is even better than the detergent I currently use. I love plant-based soaps and look forward to buying a big bottle of this stuff online. You can buy Baby Ecos detergent at and
  •  Fiesta Elephant- This cute blue elephant plush has sweet accents, the pink striped legs, playful stitching around the ears and feet, as well as the satin bow around the neck. I love this toy because it is gender neutral without giving up pink and blue colors. It is perfect for either a boy or girl without being the typical green or yellow. I didn’t know the gender of my second child and this would make a perfect gift. Perfect for those moms who like the surprise, but not the lack of color or, like me, has a boy and girl who share toys.

    Month 3 Smiley Baby

    Month 3 Smiley Baby

For Mom:

  • Vapur Foldable Water Bottle- As a mom it can get so busy you it may prevent you from taking care of yourself. My biggest struggle is staying hydrated. That is why I love love love this bottle. I can stick it in my purse or clasp it to the side of a bag and ta da!- An easy way to take my water on the go without a big clunky bottle. It makes me drink my water and feel good.
  • Funktion Changing Pad- This cute blue and red outlined foldable pad is fantastic. It has a pocket on the front for diapers and wipes. Great if you’d like to send your husband into the bathroom for a chance to change the baby he doesn’t have to take the diaper bag! Also it helps for those places that so inconsiderately do not carry a changing table so you can at least use a sink, bench, or whatever you can find. Even at home I use it!  I don’t like carrying my kid to the other room to change his diaper so I just change him on this pad in the living room.
  • PicsArt_1375106496315

    Good stuff!

    Susan Brown’s Baby Cleaning Cloth- First off, they are baby wipes. The reason they are more magical than normal wipes is because they are sensitive skin friendly but scented! And they are scented with the wonderful smell of roses. Yes, your poop can smell like roses, or at least the clean up can. This is much appreciated on those later toddler poops that can get pretty ripe.

  • Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar Whole Wheat Raspberry-They are organic, healthy, and a guilt free snack for on the go.  I liked these. They weren’t amazing, but they were good.
  • Tranquil Force Head Band- This fun flirty band was waay too tight on my big noggin. I thought it was super cute and liked the thought, but it ended up going to my toddler girl. My head must be too big!

Remember we’d love to hear your reviews as well! Go to for your own bluum box. When you insert your kid(s) age and gender you get boxes geared specifically for your sweet baby or toddler!

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